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Creamobile Information Technologies LTD. STI.- EXOPROM, which is the developer and manufacturer of fuel and fleet management solutions togather with vehicle identification systems, recommend you to be a business partner now.

We provide full control of fuel inventory from start to finish and we have ready, plug and play solutions for companies having fuel station. Also, we produce reports in many variants that require detailed analysis, such as driver and vehicle use performance that enable final users to make decision very quickly regarding their fuel management and fleet performance.

Road transport, construction, road construction and mine companies from the important sectors of your region will be your clients.

Exoprom believes that it will create great opportunities for its business partners with the new generation equipment, technology and appropriate investment costs. Today, the low profit margins of competitive conditions are increasing the importance of Exoprom technologies. With the help of Exoprom technologies, companies and institutions that make unit cost / profit calculations reduce their costs, gain efficiency and increase profitability.

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