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Exopump - Keep an eye on your fuel pumps

Exopump is an automatic fuel supply control and monitoring system for your fuel dispensers at the field. It powers the secure, online and offline simple refueling for stations with clear and measurable value to both oil companies and commercial fleets.

Exopump is a computerized solution for automatic controlling and monitoring of all fuel dispensers from your head office..  It is a full-featured, web or desktop based system for administering, measuring data and getting reports for your pumps.  It consists of a web and desktop application and various communications options and data collection applications.

General Parameters

  • Only authorized vehicles are fueled.
  • Only authorized drivers / operators are given fuel
  • The fueling workflow can be realized using single, double or three approval mechanisms in the customer request direction.
  • You can report Km and engine clock information automatically or manually by logging in from the multifunction keypad.
  • Vehicle, work machine fuel consumption amounts are automatically calculated and reported.
  • Non-standard fueled vehicles are detected by the system and warning is given by the system.
  • Fuel gun is fueled only within the fuel tank of authorized vehicles.
  • You can use multiple authentication parameters for the same operation. After all parameters have been checked and confirmed, the fuel pump is switched on.
  • External filling is possible and all the information of these filling is reported.

Fuel fill information is reported in the following details

  • Day
  • Hour
  • Operator ID
  • Vehicle identification
  • Vehicle plate information
  • RFID tag number
  • Manual or automatic km information
  • Manual or automatic engine clock information
  • Start and end time of refueling
  • Pump totalizer counter at the beginning and end of each refueling process
  • Fuel type
  • Amount of fuel