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Exotank - Control your storage tank with wet stock management

Exotank is a state of the art automated liquid inventory system designed to monitor, control and analysis real time liquid levels at storage tanks to reduce fuel loses, improve station network efficiency and gross margin. Exotank could be applied both as cabled or completely wireless depending on clients’ needs.

Fuel management begins with proper control of fuel inventory and smart purchasing policy and procedures. Exotank, integrates with fuel station forecourt equipment and collects aggregated data from all sites, tanks and pumps. With the help of Exotank’s smart algorithms we are seamlessly able to detect irregularities in station operations and inventory levels at the beginning, analyze possible causes and take necessary key decisions to improve station performance. Exoprom wet stock management, Exotank,  also keeps track of fuel stock history and  remotely performs tank calibrations.


Exotank tank gauging system is a standalone module of ExoSite system. It was designed with these objectives in mind by automating wireless (or wired) monitoring of fuel inventory and seamlessly integrating data and alerts with smart and unique integration with ExoSite controller.

There are two separate components to Exotank: inventory monitoring (hardware), which consists of a level sensor and a control unit, and Exotank software, which is integrated and work with ExoSite software.

Exotank will enable you to eliminate costly emergency delivery, it will help to consolidate fuel on hand and record per location per fuel type, correct amount of fuel. Exotank work in conjunction with ExoSite software and any dispensing of fuel is being controlled and recorded on real-time.


Exotank enable to see full product use and consolidate between products received, products dispatched and products left in the storage tanks. All this will be done automatically via magnetostrictive standalone level gauge sensors mounted on each storage tank.



Based on magnetostrictive level gauge technology

Guaranteed accuracy within 0.01 millimeter

Supports remote diagnostics and assistance

Eliminates the need for any excavation and cabling costs if wireless solution chosen

Technology is based on a low frequency that ensures a safe transmission, even in difficult conditions

Can be programmed remotely to send alerts relating to various fuel levels and events such as siphoning or tampering with the system

Provides understandable data and display of fuel levels, use, and events


Delivery and Temperature Monitoring

Because Exotank continuously monitors inventory levels and temperature we are able to verify delivery amounts for short deliveries and identify offset fill leaks and hot product related losses issues.


Real Time Theft Alert

The real time nature of CFM means thefts can be identified quickly and accurately. The system will send out SMS or email alerts within couple of minutes of a theft occurring.


Meter Drift Analysis

Dispensers giving away fuel due to meter drift are probably the single biggest component of fuel loss. This service quickly highlights individual nozzles that can be economically cut back to strike without carrying out disruptive meter proving checks across the whole site.


Flow Rate Analysis and Dispenser Utilisation

The service also monitors the flow patterns of each dispenser throughout the transaction to identify any maintenance or performance issues. For example, slow flow due to blocked filters or significant changes in nozzle usage.


Water in Tanks

The presence of water in tanks can be advance warning of quality issues such as biological contamination and phase separation.