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Exomobile - Mobile solution for tanker track control, total connectivity with tanker tracks

Exomobileis a mobile tanker track controller specifically designed and developed for fuel tanker trucks. Exotank work in conjunction with ExoSite and Exotank softwares and any dispensing of fuel is being controlled, consolidate and recorded on real-time at the field at real-time. It is designed for harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. It is stable, robust and also cushioning shock absorbers that dampen vibrations in harsh driving environments.

The unit controls, monitors, stores and transfers each fueling activity per vehicle fueled  on  real time via ExoFleet Solution. Beside if there is any problem at network (GSM communication) at the field authorization could be given by offline mode and all data kept by the system until network is available. Operation never stops. As soon as there is a network, Exotank sends all the data stored to main server. System successfully deployed in a variety of markets including road constructors, mines, airports and heavy construction sites . Exotank  provides mobile fleet fuel savings of up to 30%.

The fleet fueling system at ExoMobil is fully integrated with the ExoSite and ExoFleet RFID vehicle identification system for full control and maximum savings on fuel expenditures.


  • FIt is robust, resistant all  conditions and harsh driving environments

  • Maximum security and reduces fraud at remote sites

  • Completely integrated with ExoSite and Exotank softwares

  • Online and offline authorization

  • Never stops operation at the remote sites

  • Easy installation, including remote access capabilities