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Exosite - Maximum control for fuel stations and fleets

Exosite is an automatic fuel supply control and monitoring system for forecourt applications . It powers the secure, online and offline simple refueling for stations with clear and measurable value to both oil companies and commercial fleets.

ExoSite™ is a computerized; complete A to Z solution for automatic controlling of all forecourt activities. It is a full-featured, web or desktop based system for monitoring and administering, measuring data and monitoring alarms from forecourt devices on fuel stations. It consists of a web and desktop application and various communications options and data collection applications. It enables to monitor the supply of fuel for vehicles and machinery via RFID technology. The impact of ExoSite implementation in increasing the control efficiency and fuel consumption is between 5% and 30% depending on case.

The Exosite offers multiple variables for authorization:

·        Manual and automatic operating system

·        Authorization system with keys or magnetic cards

·        Automatic identification system for vehicles with RFID technology

General Parameters

  • Ensure fuel supply only to authorized vehicles
  • Restrict the type of fuel supplied to each vehicle or equipment using radio frequency communication
  • Collect automatically or manually vehicle hours and odometer information. Provide fuel only if the nozzle is inside the tank of an authorized vehicle with RFID technology.
  • Use multiple authentication parameters for the same transaction. In this case the fuel pump will not be activated until all parameters are checked
  • Record information for each fuel transaction (date, time, operator ID, vehicle ID, odometer reading either automatic or manual, start and end time of transaction, totalizer number from the dispenser at the beginning and end of each transaction, type of fuel and quantity).
  • Provide resolution of the fuel supply in terms of a gallon or liter.
  • Adjust the timeout between the initialization of the transaction and delivery
  • Adjust the timeout between the reader communication and RFID dispenser once started the transaction.


Pre-stablished Parameters

  • Adjustable waiting time between the end of flow and transaction closure.
  • Once the fuel transaction finished the system is disabled until a new activation is requested
  • The fuel supply is terminated with the STOP key on the keyboard at any time of the transaction.
  • Every transaction is closed once the delivery nozzle is back into its place.
  • Restriction could be set in terms of;
    • Day
    • Time
    • Quantity per day or month


Merthod of Operation

The fueling process will be carried out using automatic vehicle identification RFID.

  • Vehicles will be fitted with RFID technology around the mouth of the fuel tank for identification. RFID technology has unique codes that cannot be altered or reprogrammed to increase their security.
  • The transaction will be approved when the RFID reader contact the RFID Tag installed on the vehicle (maximum reading distance of 5cm)
  • Exosite system verifies that the requesting RFID code is valid in the database before each refueling.
  • If the Exosite is programmed to request driver information, a 30 seconds beep alert will alert the driver to present their unique code prior to receive fuel.
  • After identifying the vehicle and / or driver the system checks the type of fuel to be supplied to the authorized this.
  • If there are ExoDB installed in the vehicle, the fuel control system will request mileage and engine hours automatically (sensors or ECM) via radio frequency.
  • After the transaction the system will record the information and sends it to the database.


Transaction Information

  • Each fuel transactions is recorded with the following detail:
  • Date
  • Time (start and finish)
  • Driver ID if applicable
  • Vehicle ID
  • RFID Tag Number 
  • Vehicle Odometer if applicable 
  • Totalizer number (start and finish) with resolution of tenths of a gallon.
  • Fuel Type
  • Fuel Quantity


Exosite Benefits

  • Allows organizations instant and detailed monitoring of authorized fuel used.
  • Eliminates unauthorized use of fuel.
  • Generates statistics of miles per gallon used by vehicle.
  • Receive automated updates of vehicle mileage and hours.
  • Generates statistics of average fuel consumption.
  • Promotes the creation of effective preventive maintenance of vehicles.



  • Collect information on fuel consumption and kilometers traveled during refueling.
  • Automatically identifies the vehicle or the driver.
  • Prevents unauthorized use of fuel.
  • Records date, time, vehicle number, odometer, fuel quantity dispensed and more.
  • Easy installation, no changes in physical structure.
  • Optional multiple vehicle identification.
  • Optional communication.

Exosite is an independent and automatic fuel control system that allows resource and fleet managers monitor fuel consumption, kilometers, engine hours and the relationship between them for consumption. Intelligent RFID technology prevents unauthorized use of fuel and monitors all activities at the dispenser in relation to the vehicle and user.

Data Transmision

The information received by the system is automatically transmitted via wireless communication or GSM after each fuel transaction.