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Exoweb - Comprehensive Web-based Application for Fleet and Fuel Management

Exoweb is a comprehensive Web-based application to display and manage data compiled from Exoprom fleet and fuel management solution modules. With Exoweb, fleet managers have a wide variety of information at their fingertips for real-time vehicle tracking, asset management, and driver monitoring. Exoweb processes this information to compile extensive, user-defined reports, and to provide fleet and fuel resource managers with a comprehensive set of fleet management tools at Exoprom’s main server.


  • Set company specific parameters
  • Manage vehicles and drivers individually, by project, or by department
  • Fuel pump management
  • Integrated, fleet-wide trip and refuel records 
  • Supports all offline and online Exoprom products including Mile Shield, and FuelShield in a single interface
  • Backup all station and fleet data historically under your account.
  • Client has the ability to reach its records anytime, anywhere with limitless time restriction.