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Exoprom, the leading company of mobile applications and solutions, constantly innovates in its application on fuel and fleet management since 2009. It enhances the controls on calculators and advanced reporting, as well as the controls of the resources of the managers on fuel management and fleet control. With mobile applications, the platform allows independent monitoring of operations and effective management.

Wireless systems that reduce investment and operating costs far more than wired systems also provide ease of installation. This technology eliminates the risk of fuel leaks caused by station wired gun antennas. Fuel pollution is rising from the middle of the leak.

Only wireless solutions that allow the authorized people to intervene in the system are also removing security vulnerabilities. For example; the pistol can not fill the car without defined, if the device is removed from the place, must be active to be able to work again.

Besides all these; The system can be remotely monitored and intervened by Exoprom authorized technical service.

Dünya Newspaper November 2017