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Exofleet - Unrivaled efficiency for fleets

Exofleet is a modular and fully scalable end-to-end RFID vehicle identification automation solution for retail and commercial stations. Exofleets manages fleets fuelling per vehicle in all aspects together with pump attendant or driver authorization for multiple security options.

Exoprom’s Exofleet solution gives fleet managers a powerful set of fleet fuel management tools to efficiently run their fleets and control operations. ExoFleet is a unique combination of Exoprom’s Exosite fuel management solutions. Advance fleet management needs smart, stable fuel control. Exoprom, focuses on fuel economy and helps fleet managers reduce fuel expenses and maximize their fleet efficiency together with increasing gross profitability. 

  • ·        Collect information on fuel consumption 
  • ·        Asset management and scheduling 
  • ·        Automatically identifies the vehicle or the driver 
  • ·        Prevents unauthorized use of fuel 
  • ·        Fuel optimization 
  • ·        Records date, time, vehicle number, odometer, fuel quantity dispensed and more
  • ·        Fleet analytics & alerts
  • ·        Easy installation, no changes in physical structure.
  • ·        Optional multiple vehicle identification.
  • ·        Optional communication.
  • ·        Fleet maintenance and diagnostics
  •          Driver behavior and safety

With Exofleet,  oil companies can provide value-added services to their fleet customers and increase their loyalty, while commercial fleets can add Exofleet’s powerful fuel economy management and get better consumption values per vehicle  from the system.